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Exceptional Quality and Uncommon Trust: Your Sanibel Island General Contractor of Choice

When choosing a general contractor in Sanibel Island, you need an experienced team with a rich history of success. Select Development Group has been marrying the beauty of the region’s tidelands with our forward-looking buildings for years. Whether your project is personal or commercial, large or small, our team has spent years building trust within the community by delivering first-rate results for our discerning clientele. See how we can make your luxury property as unique and exclusive as the island itself.

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General Contractor Services with expertise that is anything but.

While some general contractors may boast of specialties, at Select Development Group we pride ourselves on having deep knowledge of the design and execution of luxury construction. Wherever you may be in the life of your project, our team has the knowledge and experience to determine where it needs to go next. Our list of services we offer exists with the full knowledge of the unique needs of Sanibel Island. Whether your needs are top-tier commercial or a private dream sanctuary, we guarantee an end result that will satisfy you and your clients for generations.

 We offer:

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Hiring Select Development Group As Your General Contractor

We promise a smooth and stress-free experience when you hire us for your general contracting needs. Everything from consultancy work to the most demanding project management requirements can be met in-house. Don’t risk googling a “general contractor near me” when you can hire one that understands the regulations, needs, and peculiarities of Sanibel Island. When you hire Select Development Group you can expect:

  • Exclusive Design Consultation
  • Exquisite Architectural Planning
  • Premium Materials & Craftsmanship
  • Transparency and Values
  • Concierge Project Management
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An Unmatched Construction Process: What You Can Expect

Initial Consultation:

In our initial consultation, expect personalized attention as we actively listen to your project ideas, concerns, and goals, ensuring a thorough understanding of your vision for the construction project.

Design and Planning:

Our team thrives on turning the practical applications of your vision into thorough details and plans. At this stage our goal is to make sure both contractor and client are crystal clear about what the end result should be before breaking ground.

Permits and Approvals
Building in beautiful Sanibel Island requires an intricately detailed knowledge of permits and approvals depending on the needs and specifications of the project. Leave the headache of red tape to us, as we make sure that your envisioned outcome is completed at above board.

Construction and Project Management

Deadlines are sacred. As one of the premier commercial general contractors in Sanibel Island, we understand our deadline can affect your bottom line. Regular communication, thorough timeliness, and efficient execution of construction are non-negotiables we guarantee for every luxurious project, regardless of scale. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation, or a multi unit building, we put your needs at the forefront.

Quality Control

Throughout the process, we demonstrate how our work goes beyond even the highest industry standards. With regular inspections and routine testing we manage every step to ensure our work deserves the Select Development Group name. Our team of experienced professionals undergoes continuous training and skill development to ensure they stay updated with the latest construction techniques, fostering a culture of excellence and precision. This results in workmanship that amazes clients and visitors alike.

Final Inspection and Client Handover

Prior to handover, we ensure that all needs are met with a meticulous and collaborative final inspection. Through that, you can be assured in your acquisition of not just an aesthetically pleasing product, but a structurally sound property. Client-handover should be stress free, and as we turn the keys over to you we know you’ll be invigorated and energized by your new look property.

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Transparency & Value: The Universal Requisites.

Select Development group prides itself on providing uncommon craftsmanship that matches the demands of their elite clientele. The value of our products is found in the singularly robust craftsmanship and attention to detail. You can also trust that our commitment to quality assurance means your project will stand the test of time, and stand out from others who didn’t take the time to look beyond “general contractors near me.” With us, you can look forward to a team eager to share and illuminate each part of the construction process as your vision comes to fruition.



Front side elevation view of a custom home build within the Park Shore community of Naples

Area’s We’re Proud to Serve

Select Development Group’s reputation has been spreading since its inception. Take a look at other locales we’ve contributed to with our outstanding work.




What services does your general contracting company provide?

We offer a wide range of services, from commercial construction to luxury custom home building. Regardless of the scope and size of your project, you can expect to receive the same attentive service and thoughtful consideration we provide all our clients.

How do you ensure transparency in your pricing and project estimates?

Before ever beginning the laborious process of constructing, you’ll know material, design, and labor costs. Thankfully, our years of work in the Sanibel Island area have allowed us to skillfully develop an accurate model for providing quotes, but any unforeseen setbacks or unpredictable changes in the climate will be handle with collaboratively with your priorities always at the forefront.

What sets your company apart in terms of value for clients?

We are a premium general contractor and proud of it. Our clients come to us for results that they know will last for decades to come. While some general contractor might try to cut costs with unreliable labor and materials, we subscribe to the belief that our work is a sound investment that can be relied on for ages.

How can I request a quote for my project?

Requesting a quote from Select Development Group is straightforward. We recommend getting in touch with our main office to let us know what your initial ideas are. From there our team can better understand and curtail the estimate to your specific priorities and desires.

What measures do you take to ensure the quality of your projects?

Inspections aren’t reserved for the final walkthrough. At every major point in construction we examine our work to ensure that our work is sound behind the layers of tile and paint. We also encourage clients to visit our sites to gain a further understanding of how meticulous our standards are, and how we’re one of the safest commercial general contractors you can hire on the market.

Do you offer any warranties or post-project support?

All our work comes with a warranty and we don’t end our business relationship with you until you are satisfied with the end product. Ask our repeat clients why they keep trusting Select Development Group as their General Contractor in Sanibel Island.

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