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Welcome to Select Development Group, a team of high-end home builders who know how to rise to the occasion. If you aspire to transcend the ordinary and develop a home that is truly exceptional and inspiring, we are eager to join you on that transformative journey. Recognized among the best custom home builders in Fort Myers, we possess the expertise to breathe life into your dream residence. With a wealth of experience in our craft, we offer transparency in our process and unwavering dedication to realizing your vision. Throughout the entire journey, we empower you with innovative concepts and creative solutions, all while upholding enduring and timeless quality. Your vision and input propel the project forward while architects, designers, and builders collaborate to bring your dream home to fruition.

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Why Us: Your Ambition is Our Mission

Taking the leap with a new home builder is a significant endeavor. Luxury builders should not only meet but exceed the owner’s expectations and the entire process should evoke excitement rather than intimidation. At Select Development Group, we highly value your voice, vision, time, and budget. From beginning to end, your active involvement is an integral part of transforming ideas into vibrant reality. With over 20 years of collective experience as luxury home builders, our leadership team brings unmatched craftsmanship and expertise to the table. Our custom homes, built to endure, feature premier materials and are overseen with meticulous care. Crafted to inspire, they embody masterful sophistication, innovative techniques, and captivating beauty.

You can expect:

  • Exclusive Design Consultation
  • Exquisite Architectural Planning
  • Premium Materials & Craftsmanship
  • Transparency and Values
  • Concierge Project Management
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Unparalleled Personalization in the Luxury Home Building Process

Your home will be a place where life unfolds, filled with precious memories and shared experiences. Which is why it should resonate with your personality and lifestyle. Crafting a home that seamlessly blends beauty with functionality requires not just a high-end home builder, but also a team adept at listening and collaboration. At Select Development Group, we take pride in our outstanding leadership and the diverse skills we bring to the table. 

We adopt a personalized approach, prioritizing and understanding your preferences to ensure unwavering consistency. Our remarkable team of architects, designers, and builders places a high value on the quality of their craftsmanship, striving to infuse their work with refinement and precision. Sustaining superior quality demands both passion and strategy, and that’s where our experience and teamwork shine. As custom home builders in Fort Myers, we are dedicated to excellence, perpetually evolving, and meticulously planning. We thrive on challenges and encourage you to share with us your most daring ambitions.

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Transparency & Value: The Universal Requisites.

Our goal is to harness your aspirations for a home and mold them into reality. But we believe methods matter, and the path taken toward that shared objective must be paved with transparency and clarity. We are dedicated to respecting both your time and budget through consistent updates, open communication, and attentive service. You can expect a comprehensive breakdown of costs and ongoing consultations, ensuring you are well-informed at every step of the luxury home construction journey. With a strategic plan and precise cost estimating, we endeavor to craft a styled, tasteful, and bold home that aligns with your budget. 

For our team at Select Development Group, luxury is more about quality, expertise, and daring creativity than it is about a high price tag. That’s why we maximize your investment so that each expense serves a purpose. As a new home builder, we recognize the profound impact a well-built home has on the owners, their guests, and the surrounding environment. Our custom homes are meticulously designed for the individuals who envisioned them in the first place, introducing beauty to function, and creativity to everyday life.





Can you provide references or examples of your previous custom home projects?

Absolutely. In addition to our portfolio we would be happy to put you in touch with customers who hired us for projects similar to your own.

Are all of your trade partners licensed and insured?

Yes. All trade partners we work with follow Select Development Group’s requirements to be properly licensed and insured according to industry standards and legal requirements.

How do you handle unforeseen setbacks and additional costs with suppliers?

Luxury home construction is a months-long process that requires meticulous planning, trusting partnerships, and thoughtful execution. While unfortunate setbacks in timeline can occur, we strategize during the pre-build process to make sure contingent plans are satisfactory to our customers. The bottom line is that when working with Select Development Group, you never have to worry about hearing a speech that explains away a project you’re unsatisfied with due to “unforeseen circumstances” or “bad luck.”

What warranties do you offer for your work and the materials used?

Our craftsmanship is backed by a 1 year craftsmanship warranty and 10 year structural warranty. Materials differ depending on manufacturer warranty and will be communicated to customers during the planning process.

If I’m buying land to build a custom home on, what should I consider?

We recommend contacting us as part of the land buying process. With our experience, we can help you be aware of the different advantages and unforeseen consequences that come with each unique parcel.

Can changes be made in the middle of building?

While changes can cause delay in the timeline of the build, our number one priority is to make sure that the end result is a timeless and satisfactory custom home that your family loves for generations.

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At Select Development Group we work to align not only with our customer’s vision of what their luxury home can look like, but what the luxury home building process should look like. From our initial meeting to our final walk-through we make sure our clients know they are a respected and integral part of the build. With your unique vision and our years of experience, we can create a home that will serve your family for generations. Are you ready to experience the custom home of your dreams?

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